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Hey There! Dr. Sandeep Garg, Ophthalmologist, from Mumbai. Welcome to my site! And glad you checked out my About Page. I am an experienced Eye Surgeon (Also enjoy playing Table tennis). I love to travel and explore new places.

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The Long Story
Enjoy your independence with a clear vision!

I have been God-gifted the Profession of treating and curing patients with Cataracts, by giving back as a contribution to society.

During my childhood days, I used to visit the doctor’s clinic quite often for my throat infection. Sitting there for my turn to come, I used to notice so many other patients with various sufferings and ailments, some eagerly waiting to meet the doctor on an urgent basis too, which made me feel the need for many more doctors to treat the patients, understand their problems and help them get better.

I wondered if doctors were gifted with a magic bond to meet the patients, understand their problems, then prescribe medicine to cure them and give them an assurance that “you will get well soon”.

While growing up, I was also inspired by my Dentist Aunt & few other doctor relatives to become a doctor like them.

Every time that I saw or visited any doctor, my belief got stronger and stronger to serve back to society at large.

I was always a bright student in all the subjects and a topper in class. Suddenly one day while studying, I decided, I want to become a doctor and most importantly a surgeon.

I started my journey by graduating from Grant Medical College (J. J Hospital, Mumbai) and post-graduated with M.S (Opthalmology) from K.E.M Hospital, Mumbai in 2002.

After my post-graduation, I served in many corporate hospitals, Polyclinics, and Charitable hospitals, thereby curing eye patients across all age groups till 2012.

Since 2012 till date, I have been curing patients with various eye problems, in my Private set-up, Eagle Eye hospital with an operation theatre and with all the latest technology in place. I believe in continuous upskilling and bringing in the latest cure and also in upgrading my hospital.

I have successfully treated more than 1,48,000 patients with various eye problems like blurred vision, dry eyes, watery eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, and all kinds of minor and major eye procedures. People also search for EyeDrSandeep or Eagle Eye Hospital.

I specialize in MICS (Micro Incision Cataract Surgery), Phacoemulsification, and IOL implantation, thereby satisfying my patients with one of the fastest recovery procedures for curing them of Cataract and blurred vision.

After serving for 20+ Years from 2002 till date, I have also published an ebook on Amazon titled “ How to Get Rid of Cataracts without any Stitches”.

I am blessed to have a loving wife Dr. Geetika Garg, who started her journey of contributing to society along with me in 2002. Our son, who is also our SUN (our universe), around whom, our life revolves around.

Every day I wake up with a new Zeal to serve my patients and do my best.

Now, I want you to have a better vision, and trust me when I say this, it’s a gift to yourself.

I would like to hear and read your story too. Please comment below to tell me your story too.

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